Naren Electronics Company incorporated in the year 1989 manufactures control transformer upto 2KVA, later on company had started manufacturing power electronic products like Alternator Voltage Regulator, Static Excitation Panels, Protection Relays, Battery Chargers, AMF panels & control panel for motors and alternators.

 Our products:

Alternator Voltage Regulator (AVR)

Naren AVR Encapsulated to with stand against vibration and humidity used for brushless...

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Excitation (AVR) Panel dual channel

"NAREN" Make Double Channel Excitation (AVR) Panel Suitable Upto 60 MW Alternator with output ...

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Battery Charger Panel

"NAREN" Make Battery charger Panel having FCBC/FC-FCBC/FCBC-FCBC to charger 110V/220V of ...

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SCR Control Battery Chargers NEC - 817

This type of chargers designed for continuos with input power supply 230V AC which can be plugged ...

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Control / Gen. Protection Relay custom built panels

Excitation (AVR) Panel Double Channel Suitable Upto 60 MW Alternator. Instrumentation...

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